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Choosing a Color for Your Quinceanera Dress

Let us help you choose the right quince gown with this photo gallery showing the most popular colors for a quinceañera dress. 

Celebrating your quinceañera means one step closer to adulthood and an event where the Latin traditions you were taught for years will be highlighted. Due to the religious part of the quinceañera celebration, discretion plays an important role regarding your fashion options. Hence the pink color on the traditional quinceañera dress representing the innocence and youth of the birthday girl.
However times have changed, fashion has evolved and the colors used and worn at quinceañeras are more extravagant, bolder and fun than ever before. This doesn’t mean the traditional quinceañera dress must be discarded but to add fascinating color incorporation to your celebration.

Here is a fun color gallery of popular and different quinceañera dresses throughout the years.

Light colors have been the perfect go-to for various Quinceañeras who like to keep it classy yet simple. It pairs well with any skin color and looks just as amazing for a princess like you.

Bright/ Dark color quinceañera dress: red, turquoise, ultra violet. 

Bright colors really embrace the confidence and boldness of the Quince girl wearing it. If you want to opt out of the traditional dresses, a bright color will definitely accomplish that.

Neutral color quinceañera dress: black, white and ivory.

With neutral colors, you can either be the traditional girl or the modern girl, there’s no in between. Black dresses have finally been acknowledged and accepted to the community and we’re loving it! It’s daring and sophisticated.


Even when you’ll only wear your beautiful quinceañera dress for one day, the fact that it is worn for such an important event in your life will make you worship it even more. Choose a dress in which you feel comfortable and if you are one of those quinceañeras who likes to feel different, you’ll feel a lot more identified with these sorts of colors on your dress.

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